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Hot Christmas Gifts have picked out some of Amazon's vast range of toys and games. See a large selection at our Amazon Store, and select your christmas toy now, before the stocks run down.

Action Figures

Talking Space Ranger

Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Pixar Toy Story Collection: An extremely authentic Buzz Lightyear, ranking highly in Amazon. This is for all Toy Story fans, new and old. Pricing reasonable at less than £40. There are good sound effects and the excellent sensor knows when you are talking. The sensor is also 'aware' of the position the toy is in, standing or flying, and responds with appropriate sounds. Recommended for ages 4 and above.


Screature: This is an interactive Dinosaur with realistic sounds. Some educational merit, so is a favourite of ours. It has an infrared sensor which allows it to 'sense' it's 'prey' and possibly attempt an attack, or screach at you. It is highly ranked in Amazon and is reasonably priced at under £30. Recommended for any age, babies upwards! It squirts water sometimes, so even more atractive for your child!

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Construction Toys

Lego Games - Harry Potter Hogwarts

Lego Games - Harry Potter Hogwarts: We just love these Lego Games - first of all the children can enjoy the construction process, with all of it's educational benefits; then they can enjoy playing the game. This game uses the Hogwarts school surroundings and involves moving around Hogwarts in order to collect all your homework. Lots of strategy required so should keep your children occupied for at least half an hour! Recommended for ages 8 years and above.

Mega Bloks - Play n Go Table

Mega Bloks 3-in-1 Play n Go Table: Besides Lego, Mega Bloks is another popular make of construction toy. Usually for younger children and babies, kits are well manufactured and made easy for little hands to assemble. This Play Table comes with 20 pieces, including a cool car, and stores away very easily. Very educational for any baby.

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Electronic Toys

Science Museum ATM Bank

Science Museum - ATM Bank: A great educational idea, practical as well. Children should be at least 4 years old, possibly older. This will help your child save money and get used to the idea of having to remember a pin number. Your child can now have a secure place to keep his, or her, cash. Hot Christmas Gifts definitely recommends this practical toy. BlankBlankGold Star

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