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Cheap Toddlers Toys

Hot Christmas Gifts has found various cheap toys for your toddler. We are not quite sure how to define cheap, but have found toys with price less than £20. We classify toddlers as being aged from 1 to 4 years.

Cheap Toddlers Toys from The Toy Shop

blank blank In the Night Garden - Patchwork Upsy Daisy Crayola - 14 Pip-Sqeaks Mini Markers

Crayola - 14 Pip-Sqeaks Mini Markers: 14 bright Mini Markers that have the same quality standard as Crayola Markers, but in a cute dinky size! From each marker there is quite an intense colour, they have crush-resisting long life nibs and chunky easy to hold barrels! Plus, more importantly for toddlers, Crayola's Pipsqueaks contain safe, washable inks! So good chunky grops and hands can easily be washed - perfect for your toddler! Site indicates 3 years as lower age, but we are sure that 2 years is a suitable minimum age.

In the Night Garden - Patchwork Upsy Daisy (by Hasbro): Based on that well-known character from In the Night Garden, Upsy Daisy Doll has lots of different textures for your child to experience. From the bump ridges on the character's back to the soft, cuddly body, this colorful character will stimulate your child and help develop tactile awareness. A great way to encourage imaginative play. Recommended age 1 year and above. Currently OUT OF STOCK try same toy at Amazon (much more expensive!)

Cheap Toddlers Toys from Amazon

Go Active 100 Play Balls Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag Wooden Police Car LittleLife Animal Toddler DayPack Bee Fun Time Pop-Up Farm Friends
Out Of Stock

Fun Time Pop-Up Farm Friends: A colourful educational toy for both girls and boys. Amusing animal faces pop-up when corresponding levers are manipulated. Teaches hand to eye coordination, motor skills and colour/shape recognition. Suitable for 18 months and above.

LittleLife Animal Toddler DayPack Bee: This DayPack has a handy detachable safety strap which can also act as a set of reins when you need to keep your child close at hand. This mini backpack is great for school, swimming things or just to give your toddler some independence. blankGold Star

Wonderworld Wooden Police Car (by DKL): A Vehicle which is just the right size for little hands to play with and to carry around. The car has it's own distinctive operation and comes complete with a driver in the cab. Suitable for 18 months and above.

Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag: A brightly coloured, soft padded case opens out into a dual sided drawing toy. Perfect for on-the-go, no-mess creative play. Children can use one side for their creative masterpieces using the clever Aquadraw pen which is stored inside. Once they have filled one side with pictures, they can turn over and use the other side. Since the pictures fade as the water evaporates, they can keep creating over and over again. Suitable for 18 months and above.

Go Active 100 Play Balls (by Gosh International): Turn your paddling pool into a ball pit with these 100 play balls and easy carry bag. Ball size approx 6cm. Depending on size of pool, you might need two packs to ensure plenty of balls.

Blank Giotto Modelling Dough Kit Natural History Museum Pocket Monocular Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game: A fun memory game, suitable for toddlers, but also older children. A straightforward game with shopping lists and trolleys and trying to be the first to fill their trolley. Excellent reviews from happy customers (and of course children).Gold Star

Natural History Museum Pocket Monocular (by TKC): Like binoculars, but just one lens, so it's compact enough to slip in a pocket or wear on wrist (easy-to-hold wrist strap). It features spherical lens for high magnification (5x) and no image distortion and comes protected in tough casing. Just right for that inquisitive and learning child.

Giotto Modelling Dough Kit: The dough comes in 3 different primary colours. It does not mark or stain clothes - excellent values for those who will be using them. The dough is made with natural ingredients. It is non-toxic and dermatologically tested. Recommended minimum age 2 years.