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LeapFrog Reading System

Leapfrog Reading System

Are you looking for fun and interesting ways of encouraging your child's reading? Well we strongly recommend the LeapFrog products, in particular the LeapFrog Tag Reading System.

The LeapFrog Reading System will definitely stimulate your child in their reading and general learning activities. The main part of the reading system is the Tag magic pen, which reads stories out aloud and interacts with different elements of the book.

As children touch the reader to the page they can hear their favourite characters talk, pictures sing and the words on the page spoken aloud! Tag comes with an included book "Ozzie & Mack" that introduces over 17 learning activities, and can store up to five books. Books are downloaded from the computer.

There are 18 book titles to choose from and each will take you on an interactive reading adventure, including favourite TV, movie and children classic characters.

Children learn reading basic skills, concentrating on suffixes, phonics and word recognition & comprehension skills. Plus children can unlock extra content online.

Parents can connect the Tag Reader online to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is learning from this book, and can receive recommendations for other books their child should read next to continue to build their reading skills.

Leapfrog Tag Reading System

If you wish to get an idea of how the reading system works then look at a DEMO.