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Lego Minotaurus


The Lego Minotaurus is one example of the wonderful products designed by Lego and it is interesting to know more about Lego and it's history.

Lego has a long history, from its humble beginnings in the Great Depression to the multi-million pound industry it is today.

Lego is now so popular that there are 62 little coloured blocks for every person on the planet. See the picture lower down showing some of the bricks being used to construct an enormouse tower.

Lego reckons it has maybe 250,000 Afols, or Adult Fans of Lego, around the globe.

With Lego, quality is the watchword. 'Det beste er ikke for godt' was the motto of the founder, or (roughly), 'Not even the best is good enough'.

The Lego System of Play was launched, to widespread indifference, in 1955. It consisted of 28 building sets, eight vehicles, various supplementary components, all interchangeable (as they still are; Lego bricks from the 1950s connect with their 2009 counterparts). The problem was, none of it really stuck together: the bricks were hollow.

Lego Tower After much painful experimentation the studs-and-tubes mechanism was patented in January 1958. This made the system stable. Lego Toys now include parts that grasp simply, brilliantly even, what millions of children (and their parents) want, that today sells seven sets a second and has twice been named Toy of the Century, was born.

Lego - Lego Minotaurus

So we now have one of the latest lego products, the Lego Minotaurus.

A game for children from ages of 6 upwards. A game which can be shared with the adults. A toy which gives the usual building experience of Lego and also the fun of playing a game. And, finally, for those who want more, you can modify the layout and structure of the game.

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