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Lego Minotaurus

Lego Minotaurus

A combination of lego building and strategic game playing, Lego Minotaurus is an activity which will provide an enjoyable challenge to young children.

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It is recommended for children from 7 years and up, but some younger children will be able to cope. Game is excellent for shared play with adults and children.

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For a great game/challenge, which provides an engrossing, and challenging, activity for bored children please consider the LEGO Games 3841 Minotaurus

Lego have advanced a lot since they started producing the basic lego bricks. Lego Minotaurus is a further example of their expanding brand. Over recent years they have developed the Lego Technic, which takes the basic bricks to a new level. Lego toys are tremendously popular and Lego Games are now providing children with engrossing activities, which will definitely get them away from the telly!

Lego Minotaurus

The mighty Minotaur, a mythical creature, protects a secret temple hidden deep inside a labyrinth. Be the first to lead your heroes to the temple, avoiding the Minotaur and cleverly placing walls to block your opponents.

In this lego game, you construct a maze out of Lego. Each player's pieces start at their own corner and are moved towards a target section at the centre. There is a 'Minotaur' piece which starts at the centre. The die contains some of the normal die faces (3,4,5,6) but also coloured faces. In the default set-up, one face allows a player to place 'roadblocks' in the way of other players; another face allows the Minotaur to be moved. If the Minotaur lands on a player's piece, it is returned to the start.

With a little imagination, you could create many variations of Lego Minotaurus, allowing this game to have a longevity beyond its simple premise.

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