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Lego Minotaurus


Lego Minotaurus is a game set to be a top seller this christmas, secure yours before stocks run out.

Unlike normal Lego sets, this is a board game, and not a construction kit. Having said that some construction is required before it can be played, adding to the value for money you are getting from this toy. The aim of this new range of Lego board games is for players to 'build, play and change'. You build the game with the normal construction pieces, you play the game and then you pull it all apart and do it all again. The 'do it all again' part is not as repetitive as it sounds as you get to change the layout of the pieces on the 'board' creating a new game each time.

The idea of thisLego Game is to find your way (you are a brave knight!) through a maze to get to a hidden temple. You have to try and make sure you don't cross paths with the Minotaur, a mythical creature protecting the temple, or with the other knights hoping to get there first. There is some strategy involved as you get to block other players paths by cleverly putting walls or hedges in their way. Unlike other games, it is not just a race to the finish largely determined by your luck on rolling the dice.

There are some great features of the game that allow its' scope to be extended:

The instructions are clear and simple, the assembly is quick and easy and younger players shouldn't get bored as the game play only lasts about 20 minutes. For older players the accompanying booklet makes good suggestions to make the game more difficult. This ability to be able to extend the game by changing layout and rules makes the game of special interest.

The Minotaurus game is one of our top christmas gifts for children.

Minotaurus - other points

Lego Minotaurus The box is big enough to house the board when fully built - a useful feature for quick tidying up, and avoids continually losing the pieces.

There have been many more positive comments about this game compared to other Lego Games.

We highly recommend Lego Minotaurus as a great Christmas Gift.